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1.Having Visible Security Systems is one of the first steps in loss prevention. Whether you use security mirrors, cameras, or EAS security systems, make sure they are visible to customers. Knowing you have security measures in place will stave off shoplifters.

2.Maximize Visibility: Place shorter displays close to the register and taller displays near the perimeter of the store so all merchandise is completely visible from your perch. Use mirrors to eliminate any blind spots, and be sure to keep your store neat and tidy, so employees can tell at a glance if something is missing or out of place.

3.Share Your Shoplifting Policy: Determine your shoplifting policy and communicate it to your customers with posted signs. Posting statements such as, “Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted,” can act as an effective deterrent.

4.Know How to Spot a Shoplifter: Certain behaviors should put your employees in alert mode. Watch for customers who appear nervous, stare at employees or other customers, wander aimlessly around the store, hang out in hard-to-monitor areas, and repeatedly leave and return.

5.Have a Presence: Greet every customer and offer help throughout the shopping process. Not only will your presence remind potential shoplifters they’re being watched, but your vigilance will give you the added opportunity to track merchandise, especially items that go in and out of a dressing room.

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