Security Systems

We supply our own brand of EAS security systems for protection of all types of products in both 8.2MHz and 58KHz, as well as fully-refurbished Sensormatic® systems. Security Systems like Sensormatic, Tek-Pro Plexi System AM, RF Mono Antenna Acrylic, Electromagnetic system (EM), RF System etc are shown below.

Security Systems-Sensormatic


Sensormatic UltraPost Refurbished to look like
new and save you money. UltraPost is an attractive
and cost-effective system which
can protect a 6 foot doorway.
Completely Refurbished to
original factory settings.

Security Systems-Tek-Pro Plexi System AM

Tek-Pro Plexi System AM

Very attractive plexi glass system designed to give optimum detection, almost no false alarms.  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: ​
Height: 54.6in. Width: 17in. Material:Aluminium, Plexi glass and Plastic Depth: 2in. Frequency: 58 Khz  RANGE DETECTION:
Supertag: 6 feet DR label: 5.2 feet



Acrylic panel Antenna compatible with all 58khz tags and labels.
Detection per side: Pencil Tag:  3′  DR label:  2.7’

 Security Systems-Electromagnetic system (EM)

Electromagnetic system (EM)

With an elegant and modern design, our electromagnetic system is ideal for protection of books and small products, such as cosmetics and perfumes. Implementing an advanced and efficient electronic design, our EM system filters out interference and provides great detection.

Detection between antennas: 2.5-3 feet.
Height: 57in. Width: 12.5in. Depth: 2.5in.

 Security Systems-RF System

RF System

Tubular system- Transmitter and Receiver
Frequency: 8.2 MHz

Detection between Antennas: Mini Square Tag: 4.5′ Label 4×4: 4′

Security Systems-Sensormatic Doormax system

Sensormatic Doormax system

​​​​”The Right Choice For Your Business” Sensormatic® Doormax system Doormax system has a sleek, modern design which attaches to door frame,
glass, and other surfaces. System does not take up floor space, creating an open, clean, store entrance. System is fully refurbished, with all
installation cables included. Detection up to 6 feet between antennas Dimensions: Height: 72 in. Width: 9.4 in. Depth: 1.7 in.