Sensormatic Labels

(RF and AM Labels )

Tek-Safe carries all types of anti-shoplifting security tags and labels compatible with Checkpoint® and Sensormatic® systems. In addition to our own line of products, we supply different types of pre-owned Sensormatic  tags, as well as Golf Tags, Optical Tags, Mini Hard Tags, and  Security Labels. DR® Labels and EM Labels are shown below. Sensormatic tags are made with best-in-class practices for exceptional detection performance also give retailers the highest anti-theft protection.

Sensormatic Tags-SECURITY LABELS


Frequency: 8.2Mhz
Sizes Available:
5X5cm, 4X4cm ,3X3cm
Barcode, White, Custom printing

Sensormatic Tags-DR LABEL​​


Frequency: 58Khz
Available in White, Black, barcode
Box 5,000 Units

Sensormatic Tags -EM Labels

EM Labels

EM labels being very small and discreet,
can protect practically any item in a store.
Available in deactivatable/ nondeactivatable format.

Popular sizes, 6.3cm, 12cm, 16cm.