Booster Bag Detection

New Security Products -BOOSTER BAG DETECTION


We now offer our new METAL CONTROL system for booster bag detection or metal foil lined jackets which are commonly used by professional thieves. By implementing this method, thieves can walk out of a storewith tagged merchandise without being detected.
The METAL CONTROL system consists of 2 acrylic antennas (TX & RX), with a discreet and elegant design, so they can be installed next to any existing AM or RF system with no interference.


  • Fully compatible with existing EAS systems.
  • Electronics integrated in the antennas. (no external controller required).
  • Latest DSP(Digital Signal processing).
  • Additional antennas may be added to cover wider areas.


  • Height: 58 in.
  • Width: 7 in.
  • Depth: .65 in.